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Pure Oud Luxury: Inspired by Louis Vuitton Oud Essential

Original price was: ₨ 3,199.Current price is: ₨ 1,999.

Pur Oud Luxury is an olfactory symphony that exudes grandeur and sophistication. This fragrance is your ultimate accessory for special occasions, a red-carpet event, or any moment when you desire to make a grand statement. Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Oud Essentiel, Pur Oud Luxury pays homage to the brand’s commitment to exclusivity and luxury.

  • Top Notes: A rich and inviting blend of saffron and cardamom, unveiling the perfume’s luxurious character from the first scent.
  • Heart Notes: A deep and enigmatic oud wood note, imparting a sense of nobility and exclusivity.
  • Base Notes: A velvety smooth touch of leather and exotic spices, leaving a long-lasting and memorable silage.



Weight 50 g

10ml – Travel Pen Perfume, 50ml – Perfume Bottle


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