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Arq-e-Jahan, Attar


Step into a world of opulence and grandeur with Arq-e-Jahan, an exquisite Ittar designed exclusively for the modern-day empress. Experience a fragrant odyssey like no other as this magnificent elixir weaves together a symphony of nature’s most precious notes, capturing the very essence of regal femininity.

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Arq-e-Jahan opens with a verdant flourish, where the green note dances harmoniously with the succulent allure of peach, black currant, plum, and a touch of creamy coconut. Like the gentle waves of the sea, the marine note and lemon add a refreshing breeze, awakening your senses and setting the stage for the majestic journey ahead.

As the heart of the fragrance blooms, an enchanting floral tapestry is unveiled, enveloping you in the sweet embrace of rose, lilac, gardenia, freesia, jasmin, lily of the valley, and the delicate allure of orchid. This blossoming bouquet exudes grace and charm, reminiscent of a royal garden in full bloom.

Volume: 6ml

Weight 6 g


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